The organizers of Thermag VIII invite all participants of the conference to contribute to the proceedings with the submission of a full paper.

The full papers will be reviewed by the scientific committee of the conference and published in the book of proceedings of Thermag VIII.

In addition, there is the possibility for all authors to submit this full conference paper further to the International Journal of Refrigeration as a regular manuscript, where it will be peer-reviewed and - if accepted by the editor - published in an updated version. The additional submission to the journal is the choice of the authors and lies in their responsibility.

The paper should not exceed the length of 6 pages and follow the general guide for authors that is provided by the International Journal of Refrigeration as well as the detailed guidelines for conference proceedings. A template for the full paper can either be found here or over the submission page.

In order to allow for proper processing time and to ensure a publication in the conference proceedings, please submit your full paper until 15.06.2018 with your user account over the submission site of this webpage.