Sponsoring & Exhibition

Example for booth spaces from REPM 2016 (Darmstadt)

Thermag VIII willl not only provide an interesting scientific program with distinguished international plenary speakers on the different topics from fundamentals to applications, the conference also facilitates the connection between academic research and industrial development. Therefore the conference venue will provide an exhibition space, where companies can present themselves and get in contact with the participants of the conference.

Therefore, Thermag VIII will give a very timely opportunity to move forward a business and present products on all levels of the development of caloric materials and devices but also equipment for synthesis and thermal, magnetic and structural characterization of advanced functional materials in general.

We would be very grateful for companies and institutions helping to make this event a success by sponsoring or by becoming an exhibitor. The logo will be listed in the announcements (homepage, slide show, etc.) and there is the opportunity to present the company and its products in an exhibitor booth. Special event sponsoring is also possible. The booths will be located in the foyer of the conference hall right next to the posters and coffee breaks, so that ample interaction with the participants is easily possible.

The possible sponsoring/exhibitor packages are listed below. For individual arrangements and prices please contact Ms. Maija Laux (laux@fm.tu-darmstadt.de).

Booth rental includes tables, chairs, and access to power outlets and Wi-Fi.

We gratefully thank all our sponsors and exhibitors for supporting the conference.